How to get to Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland’s fifth largest city is located in the heart of western Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva. It is the capital of the State of Vaud and, having been the seat of the International Olympic Committee since 1915; it was in 1994 designated Olympic Capital. It is also the headquarters of more than fifteen international sports federations.

Lausanne is situated at the crossroads of a major rail and road network. By airplane, Geneva is at an average of 2h00 of flight from major European cities. By train Geneva has every 30 min. a train for any major city in Switzerland.

Travel metric

By place 
From Geneva International Airport in 45 min. (by train or coach)    
From Zurich International Airport in 2h45 min. (by train). 

By train
Lausanne railroad station is a hub of The Swiss National Railway system and offers very convenient and efficient links to:

  • Bern, in 1h00
  • Brussels, in 6h30
  • Paris by TGV, in 3h40
  • Milan by Eurocity, in 2h30
Lausanne travel

By road
Lausanne is situated at a junction of The Swiss Highway system leading southward to Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, northward and eastward to Paris, Germany, Eastern European countries and Scandinavia.