GHGT-14 Invitation

The GHGT conference series has established itself as the premier international technical conference on carbon capture and storage (CCS). Over the 25 years since GHGT began the conferences have charted the significant progress and growth in the science behind CCS. The importance of CCS as a climate mitigation option was highlighted in the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report in 2015. In a post-Paris world, CCS will be even more important as a low carbon technology option. CCS has the advantage of being applicable to both the power and industrial sectors. It may also be used to reduce emissions in the heating and transport sectors through the production of hydrogen.
Australia has been a leading developer of CCS technology for many years. The Callide project was a major success and demonstrated the potential for application of oxy-fuel combustion as a retrofit option for existing coal fired power plants. The Gorgon project will be the largest offshore capture and storage program globally. In addition,  research projects like Otway have been underway for nearly 10 years, providing detailed knowledge on storage integrity and significantly advancing monitoring practise and  technology.
GHGT-14 will highlight advances in CCS in Australia as well as developments in the whole Asia-Pacific region. This includes the Yangchuan project in China, and the Tomakomai/Osaki CoolGen and the Ministry of Environment Sustainable CCS projects in Japan. It will also aim to provide information on R&D developments in rapidly expanding economies like Indonesia.
Australia first hosted a GHGT conference (GHGT-5) in 2000. It is time the conference came back to Australia. On behalf of the GHGT-14 Steering Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne.
Kelly Thambimuthu (IEAGHG), David Byers (CO2CRC) and Peter Mayfield (CSIRO) 
Steering Committee Co-Chairs