GHGT-12 Technical Programme

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Monday 6th October

Opening Plenary

Post Combustion: Process Analysis

Storage Case Studies (1)

Biomass with CCS

Source Sink Matching

CCS in Cement Sector

Wellbore Integrity

Sorbent Systems (1)


Post Combustion: Dynamic Modelling

Storage Case Studies (2)

Underground Gasification and Mineralisation

Transport: Safety and CO2 Quality

CCS in Industry

Environmental Impacts

Sorbent Systems (2)

Novel Systems (1) Geophysical Monitoring

Panel Discussion

Results from CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad

Policy Issues

Site Characterisation and Assessment

Sorbent Systems (3)

Tuesday 7th October

Plenary Session







Aerosols and Nitrosamines

Pressure Monitoring Panel Discussion Demonstration Projects Legal and Regulatory

Risk Assessment and Management (1)


Solvent Degradation and Emissions

Geochemical Monitoring Panel Discussion EOR System Cost Analysis Risk Assessment and Management (2) Novel Systems (2)

Poster Session

Post Combustion: Pilot Plant Results

Monitoring Tools Panel Discussion Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery Integration into Energy Systems Remidiation and Contingency Planning

Chemical looping

Wednesday 8th October

Plenary Session






Post Combustion: Pilot Plant Results and Process Analysis

Trapping Mechanisms (1) Panel Discussion CO2 Utilisation (1) LCA and HSE Modelling: Transport, Trapping and Geochemical Reactions


Solvents and Process Modelling

Trapping Mechanisms (2) Panel Discussion CO2 Utilisation (2) CCS and Water Use Modelling: Field Scale Storage Projects

Oxy-Combustion (1)

Poster Session

Novel Systems (3)

Geomechanics Program Overviews Novel Storage Concepts Financing and Commercial Issues Modelling: Basin Scale and Capacity Assessment

Oxy-Combustion (2)

Thursday 9th October

Plenary Session






Storage Capacity (1) Capture Demonstrations Storage Modelling: Computational Methods Social Science Research for CCS Deployment

Storage Engineering

Oxy-Combustion (3)

Post Combustion: Thermodynamic Analysis

Storage Capacity (2) Storage Demonstrations Dispersion of CO2 Communication and attitudes Toward CCS


Industrial Capture Initiatives

Plenary Panel

Closing session


Capture Sessions

Storage Sessions

Integrated Systems

Poster Sessions

Industrial Sources

Public Perception
of CCS

Negative CO2 Emissions

Panel Discussions


Utilisation of CO2

Legal Issues



Plenary Sessions

Commercial Issues


Other Storage Options


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GHGT-12 5-9 October 2014

GHGT-12 Registration

Programme Overview

Sunday 5th, Registration and Welcome Reception

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PM Technical Session 2 Poster Session A Poster Session B Final Panel Session
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Evening Student Reception Conference Dinner


 Conference Fees 

Delegate USD 1,150
Student USD 550


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