Greenman Award

The Greenman Award was initiated by the GHGT Conference Series predecessor - International Conference on Carbon Dioxide Removal (ICCDR) as a means to recognise individuals who had made a significant contribution to the field of CO2 removal, storage and utlilisation. The Awards were first given at ICCDR-3.


The Greenman was chosen to represent these achievments as it is an ancient archetype of a human face peering through growing foliage which is often depicted on building, churches and cathedrals. It symbolises the mysteries of creativity, compassion, healing, new beginnings, and especially our connection with nature and the power of humankind working together with nature, the cycles of creation and "man and the forest".

The first recipients of the award at ICCDR-3 were

Prof Yoichi Kaya

Dr Meyer Steinberg

Prof Wim Turkenburg

The Organising Committee of the GHGT series decided to reinstate the award at GHGT-8 in Trondheim. Those who have since been honoured are:

Gale_0606_D4019 481_GTHG_Kelly-Thambimuthu_Bill-Gunter 1286125179 1286125182
Olav Karstad Bill Gunter Peter Cook Howard Herzog
GHGT-11    GHGT-12 GHGT-13 

 Sally-Benson Greenman

Halvard Svendsen Foto IEAGHG   Question mark
Sally Benson   Hallvard Svendsen

GHGT-12 5-9 October 2014

GHGT-12 Registration

Programme Overview

Sunday 5th, Registration and Welcome Reception

Mon 6th OCt Tues 7th Oct Weds 8th Oct Thurs 9th Oct
AM Welcome and Keynote Adress Plenary Session Plenary Session Plenary Session
Technical Session 4 Technical Session 7 Technical Session 10
Technical Session 1 Technical Session 5 Technical Session 8 Technical Session 11
PM Technical Session 2 Poster Session A Poster Session B Final Panel Session
Technical Session 3 Technical Session 6 Technical Session 9 Closing Session
Evening Student Reception Conference Dinner


 Conference Fees 

Delegate USD 1,150
Student USD 550


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